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Whats a car, dude?


You need to guess the cars and everything connected with them looking the picture (photo)! You instantly feel the roar of engines, smell of gasoline and remember your first car.The game content cars from different countries of World! Now in English language! All this in the game "What’s a car, dude?"* The game does not require Internet access* A lot of exciting levels* Questions of varying difficulty* 100% Free!The RULES are VERY SIMPLE: Read the question, look at the picture and you must write correct answer!Guess cars on photos such as BMW and Ferrari, Audi, Mitsubishi, Bentley and a Lada, Toyota and Mercedes Benz, Opel and Kia, Peugeot and Citroen, Honda and Subaru, Mazda and Hyundai and other! There are a lot of cars!It is worth noting that in the game there are new cars from real life, sports, movies, cartoons and jokes :)You can test yourself and your friends how well you know cars!----------We regularly add new questions to the game! Watch and download new updates.If you have questions – email us at mail. We will answer you!Good luck and interesting questions!